YouTube Comments Not Loading: How to Fix?

Everyone is using the internet nowadays, whether they are doing work or for their entertainment. And YouTube is not the top to viewing any video or sharing anything. But sometimes YouTube might give you trouble. Many people complaining about the YouTube comments not loading or they couldn’t see YouTube comments on their browser. 

And that gets very annoying because we all first view the comment section to decide that the content is worth watching or not. We decide that according to the people’s comments about that particular video. 

Fortunately, there are many things to solve this trouble. Here we will discuss all that and try to arrange the solutions in the easiest way. Hence, stay with us to solve this.

YouTube comments not loading: How to fix? Have a look;

Sign In 

This is the first thing that you should check if YouTube comments not loading for you. So, check that whether you are signed in or not on YouTube. Because I experience it. I could be able to see comments on YouTube when I have a sign in there with my Google account

If you are not signed in then do it. You can find a sign-in button on the top right side, sign in from there with your Google account. Then hopefully you can view the comments on YouTube videos

Try To Stream Another Video

Many times, YouTube allows the creators to disable comments on their videos. Maybe it would happen with that video also which you are watching. The comments have been disabled by the uploader. 

In that case, try to stream another video to know that. If you can view comments there then there is nothing wrong with YouTube or your browser. YouTube comments not loading there because of the setting chosen by the uploader of the video. 

Reload YouTube

After trying both things, YouTube comments not loading still, then the most basic step is reloading the YouTube. Because the comments may not be seen due to some temporary issues. If reloading YouTube didn’t work, then wait for some more time. Maybe the issue is from the YouTube side. 

Sometimes slow connection of internet can also a cause of the problem. If that is the reason YouTube comments are not loading for you then reloading the website should fix that. 

Or you can restart your modem if you are suffering from some issues with the internet connection. But turn off your computer first then turn off your router. After waiting for 2-3 minutes, restart both devices. 

Open YouTube In Unidentified Mode

After trying all the above methods, no one is working for you and still, YouTube comments not loading, it’s time to apply another trick. There can be something wrong with the extensions, cookies, or cache on your browser. 

So, try to open in unidentified mode and check if comments are loading there. 

How to open unidentified mode or Incognito

If you are using an android or iOS device for the YouTube app, first tap on your Google account picture on the top right side. And then tap on the ‘turn on Incognito’ there. After this, load the video and see if you are now able to see comments on YouTube. 

There is one more way to open an incognito browsing window. You can use the keyboard shortcut for it; Ctrl + Shift + N in a Chrome tab, try this.

If this trick has fixed the issue of YouTube comments not loading, then there must be something wrong with your browser.  

Clear Your Browsing Data

Too many programs and many websites store data on your browsing devices. Because it helps to load them faster when next time you open those sites. So, that mismatched data or some missing data can make some errors, YouTube comments not loading can be one of them.

So, clear all your Google Chrome data to fix this issue. Clear cached images, cookies, and other corrupted files. 

You can use a keyboard shortcut also to clear Google Chrome data. Ctrl + Shift + Delete to open a new tab where you can find the Clear browsing data dialog box. And after it, from the time range drop-down menu, you can select how much data you want to delete. Then click on the Clear data button. 

Check Extensions

Now, the next step is to check your extensions, which can also cause YouTube comments not to load. To check that, you have to disable extensions one by one and see if YouTube comments can be seen or not. 

If disabling an extension fixes the issue then you can be sure that the extensions were the main cause of error in YouTube. You can disable that or can remove that extension from your browser list. 

Disable Ad Blockers

Ad blockers can sometimes interfere with some websites and YouTube can be one of them. Hence, if you are using ad blockers then disable them when you find, YouTube comments not loading. 

Disabling the adblocker can fix this problem of YouTube. Try it. 

Disable Proxy Settings And VPNs

Using VPNs also can because of misbehaving of YouTube. If you are routing your internet with a proxy or using a VPN, these can be the reason that YouTube comments not loading for you. 

First, search for ‘proxy’ in the start menu and go for ‘proxy settings. After that turn off the toggle which is next to ‘automatically detect settings. 

After doing this process, reload the YouTube video and check if the issue has been fixed or not. 

Reset Your Browser

This is the last option to fix the issue if nothing has fixed the problem. You can reset your browser to fix it. To reset Google Chrome, go to chrome settings and search for reset. Then click on restore settings to the original defaults. 

After this, try to sign in on YouTube and stream the videos. I hope this step will fix the YouTube comments not loading error for you. 


These were the few tips that you can try to fix YouTube comments not loading error. I hope you will not disappoint in last and will fix the issue anyhow. 

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