Why Local SEO Is Critical to Capturing More Mobile Users

There is standard SEO, and then there’s local SEO. If your organization is hoping to capture more mobile users – and it really should be – there is no getting away from local SEO. You need to get it right or you risk losing out on the mobile audience.

Many of the principles of traditional SEO apply to the local strategy. However, the main difference between the two is the focus. Local SEO doesn’t seek to reach customers outside of a company’s local operating area. But does that make sense? When you understand how people use their mobile devices, it makes perfect sense.

Mobile Is On-the-Go

The whole point of mobility, at least in the internet world, is taking your internet access with you. Being able to connect with a mobile device gives you access to information on the go. Now ask yourself this: what kind of information are you most likely to search for while you are out and about?

Most people are going to search for information relevant to what they happen to be doing on the go. Maybe you just finished up a doctor’s appointment and you’re looking to find someplace nearby for lunch. You don’t care about restaurants located five hundred miles away. You want to know what’s down the street.

Mobile Is Big

The fact that people search for certain types of information while on the go seems self-explanatory. So next up, you should understand just how often people conduct online searches with their phones. Approximately 57% of all organic searches are conducted using a mobile device.

If the vast majority of mobile searches have local intent, this suggests that somewhere around half of all organic mobile searches are conducted by people who want to know local information. Think about that for just a minute.

It gets better. Data reveals that 78% of all local searches involving mobile devices result in a purchase. That is astounding! More than three-quarters of people who search for things with their mobile devices end up making a purchase as a result of that search.

Mobile Is How They Find You

Desktop searches are not irrelevant. They are still in play, even in the mobile era. But the fact of the matter is that local web users are more likely to find your business via a mobile search. And when they find you on mobile, they are likely to at least give your business a good look.

The idea of web users finding local businesses via mobile search is what drives companies like Webtek Digital Marketing, in Salt Lake City, UT, to offer local SEO services. Website and its competitors fine-tune websites to ensure that they show up in relevant local searches.

Unfortunately, far too many companies go to the trouble of putting up websites but fail to focus on local SEO. They are missing out on a potentially huge and profitable audience.

All Business Is Local

The interesting thing about business is that it is all local to some extent. Even the biggest multinational corporations started out as local businesses catering to a local audience. Some of them still put considerable effort into local marketing strategies.

The fact is that local businesses make up the backbone of the U.S. economy. Moreover, mobile users are more likely to find local businesses by searching with their phones. If for no other reason, just knowing this is enough motivation to put the time and effort into local SEO. A renewed focus on local SEO could make the difference between your business reaching its intended audience and that audience being kept away because they cannot find your website.