What is YouTube highlighted comment?

On YouTube, highlighted comment work for many purposes. At a basic level, they try to grab your attention. So, you can interact with the comment. Neither creators and nor users choose to highlight comments. This feature is just to help you to navigate comments that might be of interest.

A comment that you view from a notification link is a YouTube highlighted comment. If you own a YouTube channel, you can moderate comments from YouTube. When you click on a comment from the comment section of YouTube, the comment will open on YouTube.com and display the phrase “Highlighted Comment”. The highlighted tag started showing up in 2016.

And, basically, only you can see them, they are not public. Here is a little more information on what does highlighted comment mean on Youtube


YouTube Wants You to Find It Easily

When you see on YouTube highlighted comment is not highlighted by the uploader. It is just showing the highlighted comment tag because YouTube wants you to find it easily. You can search the video through a notification for this specific comment.

For example, if somebody replies to your comment on a video, you may get a notification. When you click through to the page, you will find that comment with the ‘Highlighted Comment’ tag. So, it’s making it easier for you to find. 

That will same happen if it’s your video and somebody post a comment. When you click on the notification, the comment will become a YouTube highlighted comment at the top of the section. Then you can reply to this.

But keep in mind that when you do that, the video will reload and the person who created that comment will get a message in return that says, ‘Highlighted Reply.’


YouTube highlighted comment is an automated feature of YouTube. That is meant to make your experience on the platform easier. They are not good nor bad and do not appear because a person chose to make your comment more visible on a particular video.

Whether you are a user or creator, YouTube highlighted comments can be helpful when you interact or making a video.  

What Happens When Your Comment is Highlighted?

When someone clicks on the comment and highlight it, the creator of the comment would get a notification that their comment has been highlighted. If someone finds your comment nice and valuable and chooses to highlight it, you will get a message by saying ‘highlighted reply.

If a video maker pins your comment on their video, that’s means they have found your comment invaluable and don’t want their viewers to see it. 

Same, if you are a video creator, you could choose to comment to promote your other videos and pin it. 


Are highlighted Comments Bad?

Not. If that were true. Technically that would make all comments bad. The Highlighted tag shows up irrespective of the comment’s subject matter. 

Can We Remove or Disable Highlighted Comments?

No, this is not possible. YouTube does this automatically depending on how you have opened a particular video. A simple solution you could try is by editing the video’s URL to remove the parameter. Which is added to the normal YouTube link then reload the video. 

Alternatively, you can just log out from your Google account and browse YouTube ‘anonymously’. By doing this you won’t be able to leave comments on the video. 

Now, in short, YouTube highlighted comment means when you get the notification that someone commented on your video and you clicked on the notification. It redirects to the video but marks the comment as highlighted for you to find it easier. 

When you get the message or email from YouTube saying that someone liked your posted comment. Then you can click on that message then it will take you directly to the specific comment instead of the real place of that message. It will show your comment on the top of all comments, then you will find the highlighted comment easily. In social media highlighted means more engagement or attraction. Here this is not the case.

A YouTube highlighted comment occurs when you got to that comment from a link or email. For example, if you get an email from YouTube saying that Deepak has commented on your video and you click the reply button. It will take you to the directions on the video page. Then you will find the highlighted comment at the top as the first comment. So, you can access and reply to it.

We think this information surely will help you to find what is YouTube highlighted comment.

Keep searching and browsing!!

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