The Main Reasons Behind Huge Popularity Of Online Streaming Services

Don’t you think that the way you shop, communicate and work is changed? For us, it has completely changed. Besides this, the way we consume content has changed massively. Earlier, we used to consume entertainment from cable TV. Now, we have turned into ‘cord cutters’. Someone who does not rely on cable TV anymore for movies and shows. They tend to use online streaming services.¬†

The internet has reached every door. Due to this, DTH services are fading away. With this decline, online streaming services have changed their gears and proven to have risen incredibly! Netflix is the fastest among them, but others are also scaling rapidly. And there are three reasons why these online streaming services experiencing popularity.

Three Principal Reasons Behind The Popularity Of Online Streaming Services

The content Is Advertisements-Free

We all hate disruption. Watching content on Youtube and Netflix have a common difference. That’s advertisements!

While watching a movie, would you ever like to get disrupted when the protagonist revealing his secret? 

You would never like us.

Netflix, Prime Video, HBO Max and so on, never display ads. They have no intentions to ruin your flow and mood, unlike cable TV. You will see shows of 40 minutes getting stretched to 1 hr. Online streaming services made us hungry for content. And waiting for movies to be watched in the era of internet is too outdated.

The Content Can Be Consumed Conveniently 

The internet’s rise leads to the massive demand for online streaming services. You know, spending time on these services have become everyone’s favourite leisure time. 

There were over 180 million US subscribers in 2020. And the reason is the availability of content. Online streaming services are the goldmine of content. But how conveniently they offercontent makes them stand out from others.

Notably, you can share and consume it in your handy devices while travelling, doing outside activities. And you have the freedom to watch what you want, unlike cable TV.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and others have made us binge-watcher. Moreover, someone who is not tied up with schedules to watch content. You simply search, consume, skip, and switch movies in this ocean full of content.

The Content Is Affordable & Personalized

Well, the hype for online streaming service makes sense. 

Would you like to pay for something you do not want?

Netflix and other streaming service give you choice, unlike traditional media like TV. For you, Netflix has international shows, Hotstar for sports, Amazon Prime for regional content and movies MyP2P for Sports Streaming.

And the packages to have this content is affordable. You get a truckload of content from several genres like Action-drama, Suspense-thrill, Horror, Comedy and others.

Moreover, you get personalized content. Every movie you watch feed the Algorithm of the service you use. This recommends you movie one after the another that strikes your dopamine release.


In a world full of content, online streaming services always remain one step ahead. They have so much data that they provide what users want. This is a hit service among millennial and it will reach to another level due to its scalability, affordability and convenience. Visit my blog to know more bout tech world.

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