How to Write a Good Content for Blog?

Write a good content for blog is very necessary to grab the reader’s attention. You only have 2-3 seconds to catch your audience attention towards your blog. In that time your blog must be convincing for a click, and actually readable. 

Usually, you noticed that most people just visit your blog post and then leave without reading that. This is the worst feeling that many people who see your blog post never click on that. So, you want to know the secrets of how to write a good content for blog. 

Here we will share some tips with you. That will help you to write a good content for blog and you will surely get clicks for it. 

How to write good content for blog?

Know Your Audience

Before start writing for the blog, you should know about your audience. You should also know about what they are looking for. Don’t just guess about your audience needs. First, do some research, get information about your audience. You can use any Google Analytics tool for WordPress to get information about your audience. 

With the help of these tools, you can find out how much traffic your site gets, how long they stay on your page, and how quickly they leave. Even you can find out that your visitors have found your content good and interesting or not. You can also find that form where your visitors are coming like country and source.

After knowing all these things, you can alter you’re your content writing to match their interest. And can write a good content for a blog as well. Good content can improve your site’s rankings.


Create Gripping Headlines

If you want that your audience must read your blog and share it then create a gripping headline for your blog post. Because many people judge a book by its cover and blog post by its headline or title. That’s why your blog’s title must be compelling to gain success. 

To make a compelling headline for your blog you can try any headline analyzer tool. That will rate your blog on a scale of 1-100. You will find suggestions there about what words you should use for the blog. If you make SEO-friendly headlines for your blog post, that will bring more traffic to your page.

Don’t Forget To Add Subheadings And Write Short Paragraphs

To write a good content for blog, formatting is very important. Nobody wants to read one giant paragraph. Always try to write your article with the subheadings and in short paragraphs to explain that.

Subheadings and short paragraphs will make your blog easy to read for the audience. And they can have quick look at your blog post. It will help your readers to get all information in a short time.

Because people read blogs to get quality information in a short amount of time. So, organise your ideas and thoughts in short paragraphs with subheadings to help your readers.

Can Add Images

To write a good content for blog you should focus on every tip to make that successful. If you add some images in your blog then it will catch the quick attention of your audience. Images can make any complex topic more easily understandable.

There are many free resources for adding high-quality and royalty-free images. Or you can create your images to blogs related. If you add some visual element in your blog post it will connect faster to the audience besides text-based content.

The Editing 

Writing a good content for blog is quite hard, but editing a blog post is much harder. For any blog, sentence structure and grammar are both important elements. But editing is about examining the whole article.

Avoid the repetition of words in your blog. Check for those words that can be replaced to avoid repeating that. Try to add some phrase or your own ‘crutch’ words to make that more interesting.

You should also read your blog post aloud to check the flow. If you find any line awkwardly out loud, it will probably read awkwardly in your audience or reader’s mind. Rewrite that until it doesn’t go smooth.


Write a good content for blog is not very hard. You can do it with some practice of writing!!

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