How to Get More Followers on Instagram Manually?

Instagram is the most popular social media site at this time. This has now become a serious content marketing. It has over 200 million active monthly members and they are sharing proximate 60 million images per day. Instagram becomes the best place for selling, marketing, networking, and audience building site for brands and individuals. 

Instagram’s reels and IGTV viewers browse the app every day because of it, Instagram has the most engaged audiences all over the world. If you also want to use Instagram to promote your brand or your business or anything, use it in the right way and cleverly. 

In this post, we will suggest how can you get more followers in Instagram. So, have a look;

How to get more followers on Instagram manually?

You have to go deeper with us to know how you should implement each tactic to get more followers on Instagram. 

Growing from 0 to 1000 Instagram followers

If you have a new account on Instagram and you want to build organic traffic and also many followers then no need to worry, this is not a big challenge. To promote your brand or business here, first, you have to inform about your page to the viewers or your customers. Send a notification about your Insta page to your existing customers.

Invite them to follow your page on Instagram. Or you can launch any discount coupons for your product or your services to the first 100 followers. It could work nicely for you and you can get more followers on Instagram. Or you can offer 20% off or 30% off (whichever is convenient for you) to your customers. 

But if you don’t have existing customers then you can take help from your friends, family, or staff. Ask them to follow you on Instagram and promote your page by tagging their friends and family. This technique will work for you and will increase your followers for sure. 

Use the right Instagram hashtags and filters

To get more followers on Instagram, you have to engage your current audience or customers regularly. Hence, keep posting new contents, engaging and interesting photos, and some other interesting stuff on your Insta page. For that, you should use the right and popular hashtags for your posts. 

Hashtagging makes it easy for people to find your posts that they are searching for those specific terms or words. If you will use popular Instagram hashtags, you will get more new users and maybe followers too. So, find out the most relevant hashtags for your page to get more followers in Instagram. 

When you know the keyword hashtags, now pay attention to the filters of Instagram. By using preferred filters, you can make an impact on your viewers. So, select both cleverly for your posts and it will work for you amazingly. 

Post on Instagram at the right time

Do you know that the right timing for posting on Instagram is also playing a very important role to get more followers in Instagram? Yes! After adding the appropriate hashtags and using the right filters, you should consider the timings of your posts. 

You should visit IconoSquare’s optimization section, where you can get a detailed analysis of your posting history vs. engagements. From there you can get to know the best times of the day and days of the week to post your content. 

When your post will get more like then it will increase the fame also and will get more followers in Instagram because of the popularity of your page. 

Organize your stories into highlights

When a viewer visits your page or profile, you have a short time to convince them to follow you. So, you can use the ‘Highlights’ feature on your Instagram profile to organize your Insta stories. These stories can tell about your account and can a way of communication with the viewers. 

Stories stayed only for 24 hours but Highlights can be used to give them long-lasting life to let them notice about your products or services. 

In the Highlights, you can promote your products, can upload pictures and videos etc. 

These are some tips to get more followers on Instagram, do apply them. And along with all these tips, be consistent with your Instagram posts. Do posting on regular basis!!

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