Best Social Media Platforms in 2021

Social media is now a very important and essential thing in our lives. This is an entertainment source and also an earning source for many people. I can say that social media is vital for consumers and marketers as well. Since the 2020s lockdown pushed people indoors, social media is the only source of entertainment for most of us. Along with that so many people are earning from their online social networks. 

Many big companies also using social media for their survival. Survey says that 72% of people have increased their social media consumption during the pandemic. They just scrolling the social media platforms for their time pass. 

And above all social media is a platform to know that what is happening in your around. Some people sharing more content nowadays to just stay in touch with their friends and family. 

If you also want to figure out the best social media platforms in 2021, we are going to suggest them to you. Stick with us and keep reading.

The best social media platforms are:


Instagram is the best social media platform in 2021. This is the most-used social media app nowadays. Many people are doing their businesses on Instagram, people making reels, posting pictures, teachers giving lessons here, and many more things you can learn and watch here. This social media platform is still growing and expanding. That’s why this is on the top in 2021. 


Twitter is a platform to know what is going on in politics, Hollywood, Bollywood, the sports world, and all over the world. Here you can read tweets, that is people writing on this platform. To criticize or to appreciate anything. People also tweet about if they heard about some big breaking news. 

But plus point of this social medial platform is that when nobody is listening to you, just tweet. Twitter is the first place of contact for people who need a quick response. This feature makes it the best social media platform. 


I think Facebook is a popular platform and don’t need any introduction. Over 2.7 billion monthly active users Facebook have. Every brand is doing advertising about their products on Facebook. Cooking recipes and random videos can be watched here. 

But now, the younger generation is shying away from here because of many other platforms. But still, we can say that Facebook is also the best social media platform to use. There is a social media platform for every field like Cannabis business social networks or even for any business.


YouTube is like a search engine now besides of social media platform. When a person wants to find out about something they use YouTube first. Here you can find movies, videos, TV shows, cooking recipes, the latest news videos, songs, and many more things. 

YouTube’s features such as descriptions, SEO-friendly tags, queues, and titles make it the best social media platform for brands and people. YouTube has an excellent strategy and so much traffic of audience. Many people are earning good money with the help of YouTube videos. Along with the best social media platform, this is also an earning platform for the people. 


LinkedIn use skyrocketed during the pandemic, millions of people who lost their jobs because of covid-19, searching for a job here. This social media platform is business-friendly and started incorporating more consumer-centric features. 

Microsoft reports says that LinkedIn’s revenue jumped by 21% during the lockdown. Many talented people are finding jobs and independent work with the help of this social media platform. Hence, we can say that this is the best social media platform of 2021. 


Snapchat is another best social media platform. This is a popular messaging app. On this app, their users exchange pictures and videos and that is meant to disappear after they viewed it. If the user posts their pictures and video on Snapchat, their user friend can see that post for only 24 hours. After that those post gets disappear automatically. You can click the picture here by using the lenses and can add filters too. 


Pinterest is also gaining popularity nowadays. Here you can watch the latest trends, fashions, interiors, and many more things. Pinterest provides a friendly environment for brands with shopping features, product pins, and engaging ads. These all features are making it the best social media platform of 2021. 

That’s all guys, hope you like it and will enjoy all these social media platforms. 

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