Are you looking at YouTube as a career option?

Are you looking at YouTube as a career option? If the answer is yes, then go ahead. You can find plenty of YouTubers nowadays, and they are doing so well here. Many big personalities have started their career on YouTube in starting. 

YouTube as a career option is certainly seductive. You will get their global audience to show your talent. On YouTube, you can follow your interest and can show your talent as well without someone’s permission. 

Whether you are an actor, writer, dancer, producer, director, singer, or anything, YouTube gives you the chance to follow your passion. Here you can unleash your creativity. You just need an idea and then make a video and broadcast that. 

YouTube as a career option

If you desire a steady paycheck via YouTube then this is difficult. For a YouTube career, you have to find your audience first, getting them to resonate with you. Your creativity or your passion will connect you with strangers who have shared the same passions. 

YouTube is still growing, and many YouTubers making a lot of money here along with fame. But they are doing their side jobs or any other work too. They are not only depending on the YouTube’s earning. 

To have YouTube as a career option can be a dumb move too. Because YouTube keep changing their policies and demonetized them too and it becomes more difficult to make videos in the future. And the major part of your YouTube career on which your success is fully dependent is your luck. Luck plays a very important role here.

However, if you will take YouTube as a career option then you will your boss here. You will not have to take anybody’s permission to do something. If you have good content then nobody can stop you to become a successful YouTuber. 

For YouTube career no age limit and no degree required

Just pick your phone and start making your video to upload them on YouTube, if you are looking at YouTube as a career option. And if you want to look more professional then you will need a DSLR and some other YouTube equipment.

But there is no need for any college degree and no age bar to follow your passion. Your talent is more than enough to pursue your dreams. However, you have to find out what your audience wants to see and you should know what will resonates with your viewers. 

If the audience finds your content powerful and motivating, you can enjoy your YouTube Career without any professional degree. Even you don’t need to be a certain age to make your YouTube channel. But you should pursue discretion while making your channel content. 

A young person or an adult can make a YouTube channel to start their career. YouTube has helped a lot of people to find a relatable audience. You can also start making your video content for your YouTube channel. Then strategize your videos and start connecting with the viewers. 

But you should be aware of many things such as on which topics you can make a video. And would people like to watch that, if not, your hard work can be wasted as well? 

YouTube as a career option is as easy as it sounds?

The simple answer to this question is no! To make a successful career on YouTube you have to work hard and have to be patient for some time. 

If you are thinking that you can start earning from your first video then my dear you are mistaken. To become famous first, you have to pursue your passion and have to feed it. And second, don’t start work here for money from day 1 because struggle time can be long. 

As you know that there are many video creators are working already, and they are doing good. There are an estimated 50 million YouTube creators worldwide. We all get impressed when other YouTubers, influencers, and bloggers reveal their earnings from YouTube. 

We start thinking that it is easy to make money on YouTube. But there many things that take place behind that. Making a video and creating a YouTube channel to upload that, there would be much more straightforward. But making money from those videos would far long journey and would be filled with lots of difficulties.

To know more let’s dig in deep.

Getting views on your YouTube video

To take YouTube as a career option, the first thing which you have to do to convince people to watch your videos. For that, your videos must be interesting enough that people interact with them. And this is the real challenge for every YouTuber. you can read about the issues of youtube comments, not loading and how to solve this.

You know, every minute plenty of videos are being uploaded on YouTube. So, you can imagine that how difficult it would be for viewers to find your video there. And, if you don’t get views on your video, then it would not work for you.

That’s why, to reach the top, you should take proper guidance first. Do some hard work to create quality video content. Along with this, you should have a basic knowledge of YouTube SEO. And how to create some catchy title for your video, and many other things to make money from YouTube.

Why it is tough for a newcomer to start and establish here?

YouTube channels have many subscribers and they are getting enough views. Because they already have engaged audiences. But for a newcomer, things are different. They need a long time to make videos constantly and their channel gets poor growth, low watch rates because of this.

YouTube’s algorithms closely monitor that how audiences are engaging with your video. If they are not impressive then YouTube will put them at the bottom in search and suggestions. YouTube’s algorithm presents the right videos in front of the correct viewers.

Many YouTubers start their career with full energy. They invest money, do hard work, investments but they leave it after some time. Because of not getting expected result and exposure on YouTube.


So, the summary of YouTube as a career option requires a lot of hard work. Keep up your energy level and stay motivated to reach height. 

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