All You Need to Know About What is SEO?

What is SEO? A simple answer to this question is SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization. But you need to know about it in a detailed way. For that we are here, to give you a piece of detailed information or guide about what is SEO. 

SEO is a process of improving your site to increase its visibility for related searches. If your page has better visibility in search results, the more attention you will gain. And when your page will start gaining attention, it will attract more customers to your business. 

In search of what is SEO, we will give you brief information in our further article, keep reading. 

How does SEO work?

Famous search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others use bots to crawl pages on the web. They collect information from all different sites about those pages and then put them in an index. After that their algorithms analyze all pages in the index and take that into account hundreds of ranking factors or signals. From there they determine the order of pages, how should they appear in the search results for an asked or given query. 

Many factors go into a search engine’s algorithm. Many groups of experts ranked their importance according to their levels. After the search engine (SE) the optimization (O) comes. Optimization is where the people write all the content and put that on their sites. They do hope that search engine will be able to understand that these sites up with the content. And when the users arrive from search engines that will show their sites because of relevant content. 

Optimization has many forms. Like title tags and meta descriptions use for information and for the right length to pointing out the internal links at your pages which you have made. So, while creating content for your page, keep all these things in your mind.

Keyword research

After knowing the system of crawling, indexing, and ranking, now understand the next important factor of SEO. And that is keyword research. To understand what is SEO, you should know about keyword research. 

To know the keyword research, understand your target customers. How they are searching for your services, products, or content. Do some keyword research before creating any content for your site. Like, try to know what are people searching for, how many people are searching for the same, and in which format they want that information. 

Once you find out about all this, you can easily uncover all the strategies of the SEO world. 

To know more about what is SEO, we try to explain that through some more parts, have a look;

What goes into SEO?

To find out what is SEO, understand what goes into SEO. We will explain that in 3 parts. 

  1. Quality of traffic: Good traffic is a basic need of every site to make that more popular. Your traffic will come from the search engine because they will suggest you to the visitors. So, your focus must be on the genuinely interested customers, who are want to buy your service or products. Hence, create some nice quality content for your site to impress your visitors.
  2. Quantity of traffic: when you will have the right people, who trust in your company, that can increase more traffic towards your site. When people appreciate your work then they will discuss you with their family and friends. Then definitely they will also come to check your site, automatically quantity of traffic will increase. And more traffic is better for your site.
  3. Organic result: organic traffic is that you don’t have to pay to visit your site. And that traffic is coming from search engine result pages. 

These are some important things to understand, what is SEO. Include all these points while creating SEO for your page. 


In simple language, SEO improves the visibility of your website. And visibility is very important for your business if you want to reach the top. People should be able to find you and this is not easy work. Because the market is already full with your competitors. So, work hard and keep your site updated with all new SEO strategies. I think now you know what is SEO!! 

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