A Guide to Universal Chargers

What is a universal charger? How do they work, and should I invest in one? These are common enough questions among those looking for better daily energy solutions when reliability is essential. Thinking about the modern world and working patterns for two seconds, it is easy to see how each of these has made it necessary for countless people to have a source of power at all times. The alternative could be a professional disaster.

And there are a thousand more examples. Suffice it to say, most people need power all the time. But where does a universal charger fit into this?

Well, the universal charger is one of the technologies, along with things such as solar power generators, which have a certain green appeal to them. Anytime you charge up by battery power, you don’t impact the environment one bit. Of course, the production of those batteries and their devices might have a carbon footprint, but batteries themselves are a clean source. The universal charger fits into the narrative by allowing you to access that energy wherever it can be found.

And here is the great benefit of the device. A universal charger is not the same thing as a power bank, but it can be similarly useful when you cannot plug in. A universal charger comes with every port you could need for charging, and it often comes with cables too. Furthermore, it is the one gadget that will help you out when there aren’t many outlets around.

Benefits of a Universal Charger

The universal charger resembles a power bank of sorts – and it can also be a power bank too – but what defines it is that it is a device for charging multiple devices (often at the same time). A universal charger can hold a charge like a power bank or it can be plugged in, but once the power is flowing, anything can be connected to it.

There are two large benefits to a universal charger. The first of these is that it can allow you to charge anything when you might not have the individual equipment to do so. The other benefit is that it can charge more than one thing at once – or it can at least share the power it offers with whatever you plug in.

As you have guessed then, a universal charger is for those who need to have power for multiple devices when away from home. If you regularly use only one – and you have a charger for it – then you are probably better off with a simple power bank.

At the fanciful end of the spectrum, a universal charger sometimes features ports for obsolete technology. Battery specialists Pale Blue Earth, manufacturers of USB C rechargeable smart batteries, note that the USB C and D types are likely to replace older USB products before long, but you could still charge up that old device if you have a universal charger.

How it Works

A universal charger is nothing if it cannot connect as many devices as possible. This means that it typically needs to work with different voltages at once. The power supplied to the charger is simply converted to the correct voltage and amperage at the point where the device is connected.

There are some older universal chargers that work by clipping on a device’s battery. There are chargers with multiple ports, and there are those that can accommodate multiple batteries.

Whatever version you get, there is no doubt that a universal charger should be in the armory of any modern professional. Power at a moment’s notice is just too important these days.

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